IP Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

You are not just looking for an IP cameras , but also for a professional ip cameras installation partner? Then you’ve come to the right place SecurityCameraInstalls.com. We can advise you on the appropriate camera and cameras setup. We also optionally provide the complete installation for you. In addition to installing and assembling cameras, we also provide the installation of:

  • Wireless / WiFi connections

  • Recording devices (NAS / NVR)

  • Computer hardware

  • IP Camera Software

  • Coupling with alarm

  • Security distance

  • Monitoring your phone, iPhone or iPad

  • Infrared LED lights

  • Emergency power supply / UPS

From security to cameras for marketing purposes. Our central location (in the Los Angeles, Orange County), we have the ability to care for ip camera installations throughout the Los Angeles.

To give you an idea of our work, we announce that we have recently completed installations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding areas. For more information or a quote, please contact with us. Check out some of our Satisfied Customers and References.

IP Cameras Installation and Accessories

We not only provide advice for your situation but would be happy to visit you to install the system for you professionally. We do this for you at a discounted rate. We claiming the surveillance cameras in the right way, so that the yield is highest. We can install the complete system for you but you would also be able to carry out work, thinking of laying cable lines and cables. We will explain to you in advance that you should consider.

Advantages of the installation service

  • You are sure of the correct adjustment of the IP cameras

  • Construction is quality

  • Professional mechanics

Renting camera?

Hiring is sometimes better than buying a camera system. We do this because not everyone needs permanent camera. Letting we made do in the largest sense of the word, each system will for you tailor special, so you know exactly where you stand and what you can expect.

We distinguish two types of hiring security cameras:

  • ephemeral projects, where you want to have for example directly on security cameras

  • long-term projects, where rent is more cost effective than purchasing.

Benefits hire camera:

  • Fast and complete installation

  • Cheaper than investing them, fixed low cost

  • Professional equipment, technicians and emergency room cost transparency

  • You know where you stand before you rent from one day

  • Notice uur24 24 × 7 service and support

  • Possibility to hire purchase, at any time

Wireless or wired security cameras

You can choose between a security camera that is connected with a cable or a wireless system. We can install a completely wireless network location, for sending and receiving camera images. This wort teogepast especially at events or other temporary surveillance systems.

Request a free quote

Please feel free to contact us. In most cases, we come to inspect the location to be protected. The next step is a security proposals including quotation and advice on the most appropriate security. We work quickly and flexibly.

Other services

We provide not only advice, supply and IP cameras installation but also the following:

  • Wi-Fi and microwave links

  • Installation of networks

  • Recording devices to record images from the camera

  • Hardware and software for ICT

  • Security distance

  • Alarm light (infrared)

  • Emergency power

Tailored advice

It is sometimes difficult to make the right choice if you do not know the IP camera best fits your situation. Therefore, we will gladly give you advice, this phone but we are also happy to visit you to see the situation well and make you a complete offer exactly what fits your situation and meets your needs. If you already looking around being, please take the time to Which IP camera should I buy?

Benefits of advice

We help you by telephone but also happy to your long to see the situation
You get advice from an expert in the field of surveillance.
You direct the right products for your situation

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