Access Control Installation Los Angeles

Access control is useful if you have certain areas within your property which can not be accessed by any staff member or visit, with this system you can access per user (pass) set the zones he or she may or may not enter. This prevents so unauthorized persons can not come into this zone. This can all by means of a door scanner which is connected to a lock, this unlocked only when the user keeps his card in the access control module. If that person is responsible for this area of ​​the door will be locked and only the user can answer the door.

You can choose cards, Drupal or a code. These are all personal setting and zone restrictions. A little explanation:  Person A – Responsible for zone 1 – 2 – 3 – 4-5  Person B – Responsible for zone 1 – 2-4

Person B may his card, drupal or code not in zone 3-5 come while A person which is allowed.

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